Income real estate is not a complicated business. You’ll find that many attorneys and accountants know the ins and outs of real estate. So you do not have to run around looking for people who know things about a business that is highly complicated.

Plenty of Free Advice and Assistance

How can we say this? Because:

Experienced real estate attorneys can easily draw up the papers you need to buy or sell real estate.

Documents such as leases, security agreements, and maintenance contracts are almost what attorneys call “boilerplate”. Nearly every document you’ll ever need can be found in the standard reference books containing often-used documents for real estate attorneys.

However, you must always have the Plenty of Free Advice and Assistance of a competent real estate attorney whenever you buy or sell any real estate. Likewise, you should also have the services of a competent Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Your accountant will not have much of a problem with the average real estate deal. Why do I say this about accountants? Because the arithmetic aspects of real estate are well known to accountants. You can easily learn them yourself if you wish. Suggest that you get to know the “numbers” of real estate because doing so can mean big difference in your income. Later in this book you will get you started on the numbers you’ll need to know to borrow your way to real estate riches.