Looking for ideas for your new custom home? Well, what do you know, there are more than one inspiring ideas for your dream custom home you want.

From architectural designs, layouts and location, we are going to talk about everything which will help you find the right idea for your custom home.

There are a number of professional single and double-story custom home builder who would gladly point you in the right direction with regards to the location, construction, and design. So, shall we begin?

Where to Start

Any custom home builder will ask you how and where to start in order to have a better idea of your dream custom home.

  • How you want your home design to look like. What natural features do you want to incorporate in your home?
  • Are you a family man? Or do you want to live alone? Or would you like a home to grow old and leave it for the next generation?
  • What type of lifestyle and neighborhood you are looking for?

All these questions will help you clear every confusion you have and will give you a clear picture of your dream home to you. Also, the custom home builder will know what type of design would suit your lifestyle. They would be able to provide you the locations that would appeal to you.

double-story custom home builder

Some Great Custom Home Ideas

Seeking the help of a double story custom home builder will provide you with some interesting home designing ideas. Based on your lifestyle and what you and your family are looking for, they would be able to provide you with some great ideas which you might overlook

  • For instance, making use of spaces within the frame to add more useful features to your homes.
  • Adding keyless entry in your home for more security and convenience.
  • Talking about security, you can add a secret compartment in your room or the storage room to keep valuable stuff.

Different Architectural Styles

The first thing which attracts about your home is the exterior design. Your custom home exterior design matters a lot in the ambiance you want to create. Below are some of the popular architectural designs custom homes

  • Modern – Offering an open floor plan, modern house designs are made with flat roofs giving a box or geometrical look from the outside.  
  •  Victorian – Usually made into a double story home, a Victorian-style paves way for a more classic style home. It is a style referring back to the 19th century where the Victorian style was prevalent.
  • The Cape Cod – A very simple home design that you would usually see in a more country style home. These homes provide more provisions for rooms and windows.
  •  Mediterranean- These home styles take inspiration from Spanish and Italian styles. Usually, Mediterranean homes are larger in size and more open space surrounding it.
  • Craftsman – These houses have handcrafted woodwork and gabled rooftops. They are more like bungalow-style homes with unique color combinations.